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Far + Wide Collective is a Toronto based company partnering with some of the most talented artisans in post-conflict and emerging countries. While taking shoppers on a journey, they give them access to a rare selection of unique and high-quality fair trade products.

They are dedicated to connecting artisans in emerging economies to the international market. In doing so, they have created an organizational support system that revolves around artisan fair trade clothing, décor and jewelry. Their craftswomen and men focus on creating the best and most unique products in the market.

Approach and Sustainability

Far + Wide Collective believe that supporting individual craft producers and small businesses through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives. They also strongly believe in the beauty and authenticity of goods produced in traditional ways. They work with artisans on different levels; some already have a well-designed and high-quality product but simply lack market access, others have a good product that needs enhancement and quality control. They also work with organizations and NGO’s on the ground to help fair trade artisans who have great skills but need design and production assistance. Far + Wide Collective seeks to create long-term relationships with our partnered artisans, helping them grow their business for the long term and helping them establish infrastructure for the future. 

Having worked in emerging economies for more than a decade they know that real change and long-term economic growth is only achieved by adding value within these societies – not through simply donating products made elsewhere or supporting non-sustainable programs. 


This collection of modern and handcrafted pieces was created by leading Canadian contemporary jewellery designer, Jenny Bird, in collaboration with Far + Wide Collective and the jewellers at Turquoise Mountain in Kabul, Afghanistan.