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Sustainable fashion means many things to different people but we want to be transparent with you. Here is what it means to us. All of our products adhere to one or more of the six criteria that make up Artisella’s ethos of ethical and sustainable fashion.




Hand crafted pieces made with exquisite detail, care and time. Faster is not always better. The art of creating each piece unlike any other makes each product a little bit of a treasure. You won’t find a mass production of the same one so you will feel extra special and maybe cherish it for life.


Products designed, created and manufactured in Canada. Artisella is a huge supporter of local talent and we bring together a community of likeminded individuals that are expressing their unique gifts, making their dreams a reality and building a more sustainable world piece by piece.


Trading partnerships based on dialogue, respect and transparency that seek to establish greater equity in trade. Fair Trade secures the rights of marginalized producers and workers by offering better trading conditions and thus contributing to sustainable development. It proves successful business can put people over profit first, building greater justice in world trade. Certified fair trade.


Safe, non-toxic, often natural materials that do not harm the environment. From production to decomposition,  the materials used in eco-friendly products will keep both environmental and human safety in mind.



Passed on from generation to generation, artisan pieces are handcrafted products that preserve culture and traditions. Detailed processes and beautiful creations that represent the knowledge, wisdom and art of a society.