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How to Wear a Scarf During Summer


How to Wear a Scarf During Summer

Sheryl Luz

You could definitely go with the obvious choices of wrapping a feather-light scarf around your neck or draping it across shoulders on a cooler summer eve, but a scarf is a powerhouse accessory that is super versatile. Investing in a scarf to update a summer wardrobe is kinder on the planet and your wallet than purchasing a slew of new pieces. Try these ways to wear it to take your summer capsule wardrobe from basic to chic:

1.    As a bracelet

This trick works especially well with short, skinny scarves. Simply wrap around either wrist and tie off with a double knot, allowing ends to be free. Pointed ends make the look more polished than bohemian, and bonus points if you try it as an anklet!

2.    As a belt

Fold your scarf length-wise so that it's long and thin, and then thread through belt loops of jeans or shorts. Or try it to cinch your waist when wearing dresses or skirts. 

3.    As a neckerchief

Tied to the side in a choker-style or in back as a call to western styles, a light scarf around the neck during the summer can help keep sun off the skin. Or try a bow that sits low over t-shirts for an office appropriate look. Just be sure to choose a scarf made of a breathable, natural fiber to wick away sweat.

4.    As a head wrap

There are so many different ways to wear a scarf as a head wrap, and you can really pick whichever one suits you best. But whether you're wearing it like Rosie the Riveter, Janis Joplin or Alicia Keys, it's perfect for bad hair days all summer.

5.    As a hair accessory

Tie a bow around a top knot for some pool side flare, or use a scarf as a hair tie around a low bun to keep hair off your shoulders while biking. Or for the ultimate summer accessory, tie a long, thin scarf at the nape of your neck and let your hair flow long and loose.

            Tania Love eco-friendly scarf

           Tania Love eco-friendly scarf

Whichever way you wear it, be sure to find a light weight scarf for summer. Our new partner, Tania Love, has some amazing silk and cotton scarves that are perfect for hotter weather. They are carefully hand dyed with inks produced from plants foraged by the artist herself! They feature original, abstract patterns that will fit into any summer capsule.