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Hemp Sack no longer - Rethinking Sustainable Fashion


Hemp Sack no longer - Rethinking Sustainable Fashion

Sheryl Luz

Sustainable fashion is an area that for many, has become a fixed image of hemp sacks you would find at your local hippie store. Colorful garments made of inflexible harsh materials that itch like crazy and make you look like you just came forth in time from a 60s peace rally. It’s a topic not many adventure into because there is a misconception that sustainable fashion equals not-so-pretty clothes. As everything in life, sustainable fashion has evolved with the years to become an industry with a much broader supply and an increased quality of textiles and designs.

We live in a society where everything is disposable and non-lasting.  You can easily find a shirt for five bucks made by a twelve year old in India. But it is this really what you want in your closet? Is this really something you want to support and continue to be part of? Being a responsible consumer means expanding our conscious habits to every area of our lives, including what we wear on an everyday basis. You can now just as easily find beautiful and reasonable-priced clothes and accessories that are ethically made. You no longer have to empty out your wallet to shop more consciously while helping a great cause so you can skip buyer’s remorse this time around when shopping. And unlike fast fashion made in sweatshops, there are amazing stories tied to sustainable products that make us proud to wear what they offer. The people they help, the causes they support, the way they are made, are all things that make us proud to be part of the growing sustainable fashion community.

Sustainability is rapidly growing to become the next big thing in fashion with celebrities, designers and brands endorsing lines that reflect their interest in lessening the societal and environmental impact they are having. This means that as sustainable fashion becomes more mainstream, the demand on a local level keeps growing and more and more entrepreneurs are jumping on board, giving consumers a wider variety to pick from. The standards for sustainable fashion have risen and what you now find is an array of well designed items for modern every-day style. This is what we are all about at Aristella. We aspire to be the hub of the growing sustainable fashion community in toronto showcasing  stunning pieces that even the most stylish will want their hands on while contributing to create a better world with every item we offer.